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The Host - Stephenie Meyer Ladies and Gentlemen of Goodreads, i hereby present my review of Stephenie Meyer's THE HOST... Soo... Stephenie wrote a book with aliens on it? They sparkle too? I fear they do. Okay, So I bought the last copy of this on our local bookstore.. and...I flipped through the pages.. and decided to give it a chance while waiting for my car's oil change... and... I LOOOOOVVVEEEE IIITTTTT!!!! DAMN, Stephenie. I thought you can only think of cheesy stuff. Melanie Stryder is one of the humans left after an alien (Soul) invasion. She struggled to survive being as who she is (human) along with her brother and.. Jared Howe. They were okay for a while and then Mel got caught and tried to kill herself so that no Soul can live in her body. She failed. Wanderer or Wanda , I think of her as a pioneer Soul was injected inside Melanie. But.. Mel refused to be overcame by Wanda. Together, they traveled and hid from the ever annoying Seeker. And then, blah blah.. I really don't want to spoil anything, but eventually, they reached the place of other humans. Therefore a reunion between Mel/Wanda, Jamie and Jared. Total Disaster. There are a lot of adventures, physical casualties and brewing love on the caves and I love every moment of it.. At first, I thought I'll be vying for Jared.. Then there goes, Ian O'Shea.. SIGH. The love triangle adds a LOT of spice to the story. And.. there aren't a lot of kickass actions but it's fairly good.I wish Steph would write a sequel to what happens next to Pet and Ian. Exactly, Mr. Bass. Steph might not write the sequel soon but the movie will be out.. real SOON! Only days left! YEHEY!!! Perfect 10 stars. No, 5.