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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Shatter Me. Gosh. I was shattered to pieces by emotions. Please forgive the extreme fan girling, but I love this book! I know, I know.. there are a LOT of metaphors and figures of speech, the strikethroughs seems irrelevant and I am quite frustrated while reading them. They only slow me down and the metaphors makes my brain work extra hard because I am imagining them and then putting them into their tangible/exact/realistic meanings. But, despite all of that.. WOW. I suppose in a way, the author, [a:Tahereh Mafi|4637539|Tahereh Mafi|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1299027546p2/4637539.jpg], made the whole book poetic and lyrical because she wants to put a lot of emotions on the words. The strike texts signifies that the narrator is debating which words will come out of her mouth although she thought of a different one. At first, it seems irrelevant, but as I read on, I felt that maybe the author experienced the same pain as the heroine and it seems easier to put them into metaphors than just randomnly cuss out all her feelings. HAHA! The Concept. is not entirely new. It's a good mix of X-Men and Delirium. Juliette is like Rogue. Her touch is lethal and every inch of her skin is deadly. I think she temporarily gone insane from the asylum but I realized that she's a good-hearted and strong character. It's not easy to be nice when a lot of people hates you. Even your own parents. Adam. is a hot one but he's not my favorite. Warner , on the other hand..Thank you, Tahereh, for this wonderful, wonderful, handsome evil man.The development of the love interests, are a bit cheesy and seems to drone on and on with the metaphors, but thank God for adding Kenji on the picture. I think he added a bit of more spunk and color to the story, he is a good buffer between the intense emotions and the funny moments. I like his colorful language. :DAnd, well, the ending? Just like any dystopian novels with a totalitarian, selfish government: there's Resistance. Big surprise there. :D But what's good about the idea of them popping out of nowhere, we can expect either kickass action or lame drama. It's not much of a cliffhanger but it'll make you crave for the next one. I love this!