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Splintered - A.G. Howard Beautiful. Angsty. All kinds of Weird. Welcome to the real Wonderland. Those are the words I can think of when I read Splintered.Man.. This is a really twisted version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I can't help admiring this book and the way it was written. Sure, this really dark and dramatic, but the words are beautiful. So, [a:A.G. Howard|5186274|A.G. Howard|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1325561918p2/5186274.jpg]: Characters. Err.. i guess this is where my real problem with this book comes in. I did not like ANY of the characters. I just read about them, picture them in my head, form thoughts about them, then NOTHING. I do not feel any kind of emotions. I suppose their personalities just doesn't reach out to my very heart and soul. MEH.Alyssa. Too much teenage angst and I hate the fact that she calls her mom "Allie." I know that she has a rough life and everything but emo girl is not just for me. Jebediah. Hmm.. Nope. Did not fell for him. Not even on his most refined self-sacrificing moment.Morpheus. I almost fell for him. He is the resident dark, bad guy of Wonderland. I think I am going to ship him from the start, but when I read how he really looked like as a Netherling?I know it's not gonna happen. Plus Points. I love the Mind Fuckery and the creepfest of this book. Super like it. Espcially the part about the graveyard and the Twid Sisters. The twists are nicely done too.Ending. At least this one has good ending though not phenomenal.