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On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I'm an island of emotions somewhere on the center of the Pacific Ocean. This book is a very good read. I can say that because I read it in one sitting, took me only 5 hours to devour it.[b:On the Island|15505346|On the Island (On the Island #1)|Tracey Garvis-Graves|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1339162550s/15505346.jpg|18151286] is a story centering Anna Emerson, a 30-year old tutor and 16-year old T.J. Callahan flying on a private sea plane toward an island in Maldives when an accident brought them together and realize that there is more to life that they will learn.I cannot imagine an older woman having any love interest with a teen. I don't mean that it's not happening in real life or that it is always cringe-worthy. I simply have not read anything with that type of situation until now. And surprisingly, I liked it.Right from the start, there are a lot of "complications". First, the age gap. Then, the whole student-teacher thing again. And then, T.J. on cancer remission. I cannot put myself into their shoes. I don't know if I'll survive that LONG TIME. I cannot blame them for falling for each other. Yet, I can't help but think that the kind of love they had may not be too real since it seemed a bit of "necessary" since they are the only people on that island. YET , I found myself liking T.J. a lot as the story progressed.Thomas James Callahan. You young sexy man..I think he's a very mature guy for his age and strong enough to endure the temptation. He was 16 when the plane crashed. He's almost 19 when something happened between the two of them. I love every thing about it. Even if it's no literary masterpiece. The writing is simple yet unputdownable. The life after rescue got complicated and a little bit sad but I love me some happy ending. :) Beautiful 4.7 stars.