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Black City - Elizabeth  Richards Black City is an awesome read. I know that there are a lot of mixed reviews on this one, some are in love with it while there are some who found it lacking. Concept. I think it's cool to mix elements such as dystopia, vampires, humans and romance in one novel. It'll be a total disaster if these elements do not compliment each other in the story. Elizabeth Richards could have explained a bit more about the history and the whats and whys of certain things so there will be more heart pounding and headache inducing factors. I think that's the reason why some readers did not fell in love with it. Natalie Buchanan and Ash Fisher. Their personas are different from each other. Natalie is well-kept and indulges in the comfort of living with her Emissary mother, while Ash is dangerous, dark and a risk taker, add the fact that he is a half-Darkling or better termed as Twin Blood. It's just a different term for Vampire. The nature and mechanics of eating are basically the same. Haha.I love Ash. I think that he shows potential to grow more mature on the sequels. The emotions conveyed here makes me swoon harder for him. Certain elements like drugs, fornication, lies and sex are present, so it's not one clean novel even if it is categorized as Young Adult.Everything seems like a haste. Even the progress of Natalie and Ash being bloodmates seems too unnatural and fast. I hate the love triangle in here. Sebastian is too power hungry and pervy. Don't even let me get to Evangeline. She's such a harlot. She's too desperate and seems like hiding an evil plan for both Natalie and Ash.I think the author put a bit of elements from other best selling books all over this one. I can't help thinking that they are The Immortal Rules, Twilight and Legend. The ending is:a total cliff hanger and a total ball of confusion. not good type of confusion. the bad one. I hope Phoenix will redeem this one. 4 Fraggin' stars.