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Valkyrie Rising - Valkyrie Rising is an interesting read.I love the idea of badass Valkyries and Norse mythology. I like that the author gave a touch of humor on this novel too.I am not a 100% fan of novels involving mythology but I will always make an exception when it involves the Underworld. The idea of Hades/Odin/Styx simply fascinates me. Or maybe I haven't found that special series yet that will make me crave for myth novels all the time. I want to thank a dear Goodreads friend of mine, namely Jasmine for recommending this book to me. She recommended a lot of really awesome books but sadly, I cannot say the same for this one. :( Sorry.Nah. Maybe it's not yet time for me and [b:Valkyrie Rising|13034113|Valkyrie Rising (Valkyrie, #1)|Ingrid Paulson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1332247199s/13034113.jpg|18197631] to click and become best of friends.Any way. The story is interesting. I've never read anything about Valkyries before so I am curious. The plot is also good but I have A LOT of questions. I wish that the author maximized the idea on one book, at least give decent clues about what everything's all about. I think it's patterned too much on the myth itself. I really don't know. Characters. are Decent. Likeable. Readable.But I think that the characters are too young. I cannot feel any attachment to them. If I'm a 16 year old reader, I would probably appreciate the characters, but I am way past sixteen years, so yeah.I like Tuck. He is the only beacon of light I saw while reading this. I could also add Grandma Hilda Overholt. I think she's still hiding a lot of stuff and I can imagine how kickass she might be. Graham is a total hard-headed brother and I don't like him at all, though I can see that his character might play a bigger role on the next book. Astrid. Hmm... I think that she's not pure evil. That's all I can say for now. There are a lot of parts that seems to be dragging, while there are also some that I found really entertaining. Mostly the parts with Tuck and Ellie's banter. I also like that this book made me go places while sitting on my bed reading. I can imagine Norway perfectly on my mind's eye. Beautiful. 3.8 out of 5 stars.