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This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover "If I took every romantic poem, every book, every song and every movie I've ever read, heard or seen, and extracted the breathtaking moments, somehow bottling them up, they would pale in comparison to this moment." I am sorry to quote something from the book even though there are still people who haven't read it. But, I have and need to. Because these are the exact words that convey my feelings when I read the final book of the Slammed series. I was sooo excited when I finally got my copy.I've been a fan of Layken and Will's love story because it's something that is realistic and bittersweet at the same time. I was ready to give this book 4 stars. I'm halfway through with it and it's just another story from [b:Slammed|13372690|Slammed (Slammed, #1)|Colleen Hoover|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328530463s/13372690.jpg|18602144] but on Will's POV. I am so enthralled with the man, so I'm terribly excited, even if I already read and know what happened. But Oh My Gosh.. That ending... It's hard not to feel a mixed ball of emotions. Will totally captivated me with the way he saw things and made his way to make LIFE worth all of it. "I wish I could explain how I feel, but nothing can explain this moment... Nothing can explain the moment when the woman you would give your life for sees her daughter for the very first time." DAMN. It set off the waterworks.I was a bit sad that the series ended. I totally want more from Lake, Will and the rest of the gang. They made me ride a rollercoaster of emotions, from smiling to crying and even hysterically upset. But all Good Things must come to an end one day, and boy, I'm very glad that [a:Colleen Hoover|5430144|Colleen Hoover|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1333056335p2/5430144.jpg] gave the series a very nice one. It's not too sappy, it's no terrible cliffhanger, and it's not too open. It's in fact Butterflying AWESOME. God, I think you just become one of my fave authors. EVER. Perfect 5 stars.