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The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay "I would like to believe in the dream of second chances.." WOW. This is full of angst and tear-filled emotions. Nastya Kashnikov experienced a lot of pain. No matter where she go, the past continues to haunt her. She thought that changing her name, clothes and attitude about life will help, but as she close her eyes, her dreams will always be dark and hopeless.Josh Bennett is like a death-magnet. Every one he ever loved died in a sequential pattern. Determined to stop people from dying around him, he swore he will never let anyone come close again. Not until she came. "Maybe I don't need to save her forever. Maybe I can't just save her right now, in this moment, and if I can do that, maybe it will save me and maybe that can be enough. " I fell in love with this book. There's something lonely and at the same time exhilarating with it. It's angsty, funny, dark and lonely all at the same time. The first part of the story made me just a teeny tiny bit exasperated with Nastya. She doesn't talk for an obvious reason and the real deal about it came on the later half. This story is too long and full of suspense. I cannot say that she is a little too dramatic to do the things she do just because of the past, but I can't blame her for her pain. It was tragic and confusing. I'd be mad too. But the latter chapters are the interesting ones. It's like a whirlwind of issues and emotions, it's hard to keep up with the characters and it'll make you feel helpless yet you can't put the book down. I guess my sadist/masochistic side came out because of this book. My heart broke. "I'd rather lose you if it means you'll be happy." I love all of the characters. I love the fact that they are all essential to the story. [a:Katja Millay|6466759|Katja Millay|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1346625628p2/6466759.jpg] made them so real, natural and important. They all have their faults and contributions. Even Leigh, the slut that she was, played something important in Josh's life.The ending is a real killer. I knew in that moment that I will either be having a hard time picking up a new book OR I terribly need a new book so I can forget about it. It's such a cliffhanger!But it was really sweet and I did not expect it. Honestly.