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The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff Originally posted on www.happybibliophile.blogspot.com The Space Between is a story revolving around the daughter of Lilith and Lucifer named Daphne, who went to Earth to find her half-brother, Obie after going M.I.A both on the mundane world and Pandemonium, the all-gray, all-steel demon world. She's used to the world between Heaven and Earth, so she was a little overwhelmed traveling on the mundane world of humans with perfect white teeth and non-iron phalanges. I can imagine the image of her in a very high-definition way and despite the bit of metal teeth Daphne have, I think she looks heavenly, which is quite ironic. Anyway, the Pandemonium must be pretty boring, so when a human named Truman Flynn appeared before the fallens, Daphne took a bit of interest. Fortunate enough, Truman was also the last man Obie had for company before he went missing. And so, the journey begins. Daphne went to find Tru so he can help her find Obie.This novel is dark and lonely. I can feel the certain emotions that the characters are going through, especially with Truman. It's really hard to lose a parent. In his case, he lost his mother and his stepfather was not the same after her death. Truman felt alone and wants to kill himself. The story depicts the reality of teenagers today and it was transparent when it comes to emotions. The novel did not took my breath away but it was enough to made me think that life has its ups and downs and their in-betweens. Daphne, despite her horrid ancestry, made it possible to fell in love with a fragile human. Truman, seeing the weirdness of the girl, did not even look twice and abandoned her. I think it's unconditional love on the works here. It is also quite touching that it shows the value of family even among the darkest of beings present. Lilith was not affectionate but she is a Mother, and that's still saying something. Another character in here, Beezlebub? Well, you should read for yourself. :)XOXOs. 4 out of 5 stars.