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Unraveling - Unraveling blew me away. It is TOTALLY mind-boggling, thought-inducing and heart-wrenching. I want to acknowledge the author first. [a:Elizabeth Norris|5073459|Elizabeth Norris|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1328567106p2/5073459.jpg] you are a freakin' FEELS mastermind. WOW. I must admit that I don't likethe writing style at first. The pace is slow and I constantly struggled with the excitement building up but nothing's good is happening YET. (though I know, something GOOD and BAD is ought to happen since most of my GR friends love it.)I love the Mind Fuckery. I love any book that gives me a good dose of it. I am so anxious to find out what's REALLY going on. I am intrigued by the deaths and the mystery that goes by the name of Ben Michaels. Though, the VERY exciting parts came on the later part, from feeling quite stupurous, my inner fangirl suddenly rose and did her shrill scream since the twists and feels came barging down one by one, always coming harder and sharper than the previous one.Total mind fuck. I can't help but feel emotional about J's dad and Alex. Sob. Characters. Janelle Tenner is a very likeable heroine, despite her teenage angst and sarcasm, I love the fact that she plays no damsel in distress though she was resurrected once, and that she is a very strong girl. A lot of bad things happened since she was young and the 24 days that went with the book. She controlled a lot of emotions and stood up for what she know is the right thing to do. Ben Michaels is a good-natured guy and she cares for J alot. Alex Tretcher. Now him, I really like. He is the class valedictorian, the loyal best friend and smart sidekick. I love him from the start until his very end. Oops.I totally love LOVE TRIANGLES, But sadly, there is none here and that was okay because I got the non-cliched story and Alex and Janelle's friendship is the best. it's totally unconditional.The World Building or rather World Destroying is beautifully written and quite ominous. It's totally dark and creepy.At times, I feel like I am on that world and it scared me. Ending. I wish that Ben will find his way back to Janelle. They make a really cute couple. :) 4.5 out of 5 stars.