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Pivot Point - I just read one of the best books this year!!! Seriously??? Pivot Point is told from Addie Coleman's POV. She is a Searcher who apparently is one of the world's most gifted bunch of folks. These people with special mind powers lived inside the Compound and they live separately from normal humans though they go outside to work for various big names like the FBI.What I found totally cool about this book is the fact that it's told in two different scenarios, the Para and the Norm scenarios. The reason for this? Addison searched the future so that she can decide who she'll live with: her mom or her dad. - after they decided to part ways. Characters . I like Addie. But I don't specifically LOVE her. She's great. She likes to do the right things, primarily because she have a Persuasive mom and a Lie Detector dad. Other than that, I think she's really cool and fun to read. Duke. Nah. I don't like him, even if he's the handsome, athletic badass, I never really fell for him. He's a jerk. Laila. I think I like her. She experienced a lot, having a busy mom and irresponsible drunk father. She 's like most typical teenage girls with woes and a little tendency to go boy crazy. Trevor. Please don't let me start on him, or else I'll go..I love him! Please give me the elusive, smart, understanding and cowboy boots wearing guy. I think he's really cool and cares for Addie more than Duke, who is too busy being a jackass on Addie's other version of the future. Over-all thought about the book. I think it's okay. Not totally awesome but interesting enough. There are parts wherein you need to test your critical thinking talents and guess who is the killer, which I found quite surprising. The Cliff hanger Ending. Okay.. I was reading, blah blah blah.. "Oh, this is sooo interesting." "Oh, I like this guy!" "He did what??" But, the ending is... WOW. BOOOOM, baby! I really really thought she's gonna choose the other way around and then again, she thought that, that she chose THAT. Okay, I am saying nothing coherent now. So, YOU. Yes, I mean, YOU have to read this and find out for yourself. Final Feels. Please give me the next book now. i can't stand the suspense. 4.7 out of 5 stars.