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An Iron Fey Valentine - Julie Kagawa ARGH. So Romantic. I really really love Prince Ash and Meghan's love story. It's not an epic one, it's not too much of a you-and-me-against-the-world but it is so sweet and in short, young love. (weelll, not really.) It makes me feel butterflies on my stomach and thoughts about the Ice Prince alone makes me shiver and think of more than just pretty flying things on my stomach. It feels more like dinosaurs rampaging.Anyway, it's Valentine's Day! And they are newly married and running the Iron realm is stressful so Meghan decided to surprise her fey husband. She took him out on a date, all the while knowing that Ash has no idea about the essence of Valentine's day.It's really cute. Going to fancy dinner, movies and strolling around.What made my knees go weak and buckle is the fact that Prince Ash also surprised Meghan. With his own version of fairy lights, romantic part of Fey realm and some sparkling wine. Awww...