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Golden - Jessi Kirby Carpe Fuckin' Diem. This book is unbelievable. It made me think hard about my past and made my weigh the choices I made in my entire life. Golden is a wonderful story about a girl who's too uptight with life. Parker Frost is your typical goody two shoes, with valedictorian status, a waiting scholarship and a bunch of etiquette.I love Parker's character since she reminds me a lot of my high school self. I was brought up on a prim and proper household and education is very important. Whenever I think back, there's always regret. I feel sad because I wish I've tried this or that or I wish that I've gone on a better path. But, what this book wants readers to think is the value of each and every choice we make in our lives. "There's a spark of exhilaration that gives me hope that the choice I just made could turn out to be right, and this feels infinitely better than the weight of regret." I don't have anything negative to say about this because I think the author wrote it beautifully. She did not use complicated words nor use a lot of metaphors. She just say it as if she's sharing a romantic story to a friend. The words will touch your heart and makes you think twice.It's hard to say anything about the couple mentioned on this book, because it'll cost me to spill a lot of spoilers. But I think the ending is just perfect. It is not overly done. I just wish there's more Parker and Trevor scenes though. 4.7 out of 5 stars.