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Defiance (The Courier's Daughter, #1) - C.J. Redwine DAMN. This book is.. Pure Adrenaline. If you like a book that is full to the brim of kickass action, you'll like this one.If you like a book that has a decent twist and unexpected turn of events, you'll devour this.If you want a love story that is not too overwhelming with cheesy lines and physical intimacy, you'll love this book.[b:Defiance|11410430|Defiance (Defiance, #1)|C.J. Redwine|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1341967711s/11410430.jpg|16343248] got my attention from the very first sentence.I think C.J. Redwine has a gift and I won't hesitate to line her up with Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor or even Cassandra Clare. This is not perfect but I love the world building and the writing itself. It shows a lot of promise to turn into one hell of a series.However, I am not fascinated with Rachel Adams. I think she's way too stubborn and acts too harshly. I'm also quite confused when everybody thinks she's a strong character because her father, the best courier in Baalboden, trained her. She is more of the weapons-type rather than frilly-dress-curtsy girls, but becomes way catatonic when faced with death and cruel actions. So, she can fight but she can't stomach the result of that fight? Hell, whaat? Logan McEntire. I love him best. I think that he's mature and logical. He's the one who's doing all the thinking and the planning, which is good because he rationalize every thing first. I had a great time reading on his POV.The love story is not overly done, kudos. I love the fact that it's not really insta-love. It took a lot of danger, blood and the Commander to come between Logan and Rachel to realize how they really feel about each other.My heart broke for Oliver and Jared. I think that they are essential characters and was hoping that Jared Adams is still alive somewhere, bidding his time to come out and plan something against Commander Chase, who I found extremely evil and annoying.I was confused with the Cursed One. I imagine it as a dragon. But what I don't get is how it came to be. Where did it came from or why is it Cursed? Was it human before? This was not tackled well on the book. The other villages are also a mystery, I wish I would find out more why there are villages and what caused them.Definitely reading the sequel. 4.5 stars.