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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey This is such a fun read! I fell in love with Lucius Vladescu immediately! He is sooo funny! His medieval attitude with a twist of spunk definitely caught my attention. Jessica, or better known as Antanasia Dragomir, is a different story for me. I mean, why do I always encounter this type of paranormal heroine? She's waaaay too stubborn to accept who she really is.I can't help remembering this though, because of her name. :DI suppose it's fitting too. Since Jessica cannot stand Lucius to be her bethroted. - a pact of peace made between two powerful vampire clans. The Dragomirs and the Vladescus of Romania. Jess is hard headed and wants to date another guy. Lucius on the other hand, was trying hard to win her over, the American teenage way.I can't help laughing whenever I read Lucius' letters to his uncle. He is too formal yet couldn't help injecting terms like "whoopee", basketball and lentils. Jessica's eccentric adopted parents who knew all about her vampiric history are lovable characters too.I can't help being annoyed with Jake at first. Especially, with Faith the cheerleader. I want to slap her face and get her rampaged by "mares" whenever she flirted with our beloved vampire prince. I love the idea that this is not too focused on the idea of vampires hungry for blood and anything else. It's more on the journey of Jessica embracing her inner Antanasia. and fangs sprouting when vampires get horny. Moving on..The last few chapters are heart wrenching as I read about Lucius' upbringing and resistance. He developed transgression after delivering death to a certain annoying Vladescu.Like most fairy tale like stories, this one had a happy ending. For now. Excited to read the sequel! :D 4.5 out of 5 stars!