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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Okay. What is this series doing to me?? and my already messed up feelings along with other heart pounding and wrenching books??? First off, the Capitol totaaaallly sucks. I can't believe that Peeta at Katniss have to go inside the Arena. Again. After that tragic nightmarish event. But I can't totally say that I secretly love it. (I'm sadistic, that way.) I mean, the other tributes are past Victors??? That's total blood bath! Katniss is a total stubborn-head on this one and I am confused with my 'feels' for the boys. I suddenly don't like Gale, though I was vying for him and Peeta? I think I like him better here but.. Meeh. And then.. in a sudden burst of light.. or page rather, I noticed this lad: Please forgive my slight drooling over this piece of %$#^$^$#&*. I absolutely hate President Snow. And he's so weird. Blood and Roses? That's his smell??? The ending is a TOTAL MAJOR HUGE CLIFFHANGER. I mean, it's good that there's still a Distrcit 13 . I need to read Mockingjay now! I mean NOW. Perfect 5 stars.