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Legend - Marie Lu Thank you Arn, for recommending this book. Cheers! :) Legend is a novel set on a new world wherein it's ruled by the finest military people ever. The Republic is ruled by the Elector Primo and it is wherein 10 year olds are tested during the Trials which will determine their careers for the rest of their lives. At first, I thought Day is a girl and well, June is a boy. I was wrong. I love that the story is told in both their POVs and the dialogues are witty and badass quick. June is a totally strong and polished heroine and Day is a sweet, familial and smart character. I can't help admiring Marie Lu's writing. She reminds me a bit of J.K. Rowling and Veronica Roth. She's like the perfect mix. She created a unique twist and plot, plus the action scenes are totally cool. Although there are some confusing and cliff hanger parts namely Thomas , I like the way Lu created an atmosphere of mystery to the Republic's true mission. I am craving to what will happen next after June helped Day and which camp will they join. The love interest is totally innocent, though they act a bit mature for their age, which is only 15. It feels like they're 18 though. Hahah!Thank God for Prodigy. Perfect 5 stars.