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Everneath - Brodi Ashton Beautiful, haunting and emotional. I'm feeling this book, YEAH! Again, Thank You, Jasmine. I saw this as one of your well-loved books and I took a chance. I'm happy I did. :)Anyway, I am not 100% into Mythology retellings but if there's one spanking love/hate/abduction story I love, it's Persephone and Hades's... And boy.. was I WRONG. Everneath, is the retelling of a more swoon worthy myth about Orpheous and Eurydice (have I spelled them, right?). They are classic! Literally.The story is beautiful, although I had a hard time at first, because I think the pace is too slow, which, I think only now is only appropriate. We don't want Nikki getting sucked back that fast. Hahahah! As I said, it's beautiful yet haunting. I feel a lot of emotions, most of them loneliness and regrets. I feel a little annoyed with Nikki because she brought all these things to herself. I mean, I know it's hard to lose a parent and your beau is flirting with another girl (It's not true), I think Nikki's head is gonna burst, but instead, she found solace with Cole. Who in my opinion is a totally annoying, clingy ass. Thank heavens for Jack Caputo though. I love his character and his love for Nikki after those 6 months of absence. As Nikki's return days drew nearer, Jack helped discover ways on how to stop the Tunnels from taking her and to break the cycle of Cole feeding on her. (or another unfortunate girl).With a few hours left, and Nikki gave up all hope, Jack did the most unimaginable, selfless, stupid, sweetest thing of all. SIGH.And in a snap of a finger, I fell in love with this series. And I want to kill Cole... Kidding. 5 stars.