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Unspoken  - Sarah Rees Brennan First, I want to thank a dear Goodreads friend of mine, Jasmine for recommending this awesome funny book. Thanks Jasmine!!! I love the setting of the story. I think Sorry-in-the-Vale is a splendid place though it's quite eccentric, what with all the magic stuff and weirdos. Anyway, I like Kami. I think she's a very strong character and she's funny. Jared is hot and brooding and I think I love him better when he's just a voice inside Kami's brain. But it's a good thing he's real too! I like Ash too. Okay.. i love love triangles. :DThe Lynburn's is a mystery at first and I keep guessing what kind of paranormal groupie they belong to. As the story progress, BAAM! OKAY. I like where this is going. Moving on..I think it's really cute. I love the concept of the story and I feel a strong attachment to the characters. The pace may be a bit slow at first but it'll sure keep you on your toes as soon as you read the good parts. 4.6 out of 5 stars.