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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole WARNING: Some bad words included. Poison Princess is a dystopian paranormal novel with a fresh concept (at least to me,) of using the Major Arcana or the upper hand of Tarot cards. The first part of the novel is a little slow and there aren't a lot of actions except the fact that Evangeline, - the protag, is having terrible and creepy hallucinations plus delusions. She spent most of the year on a loony bin because of them. I think she's too soft of a character at first. I wasn't sure if I am going to like her or if I'll ditch her permanently. On the first part, Evie is too superficial. I hate how she runs after the star quarterback who I'm not sure have any brains at all. She is a cheerleader, a rich pompous only child too. But then again, like most readers, I veered into a different direction when it comes to Evie when the Apocalypse from her visions finally came true. It was a lot like watching the Book of Eli or Dawn of the Dead. It was a creep-fest. Thank God for Jackson, though he is not officially my type, but a bad-ass Cajun guy is exactly what we need to liven the story a little bit. I easily got tired of the voices from Evie's head though.. Except for Matthew. I like him. He is too eccentric. haha! Selena, I hate her! She's so clingy to Jackson and a little bit of a liar. This book is engaging but it is not one of my most favorite post-apocalyptic books. 3.5 out of 5 stars.