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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand My checklist for a good read? Here it goes:1. Slow budding relationship sans the romance-at-first-sight? Check. 2. Plain, geeky, she-does-not-notice-she's-a-bombshell girl protag? Check. 3. Drop-dead gorgeous boys? Check, Check, Check. 4. Parent having headaches because of rebellious teen offsprings? Check. 5. A love story involving paranormals? Check. 6. Growing love triangle and I-cannot-wait-for-the-brawl? Check. 7. The pace is fair and there's right amount of action? Check. 8. Stomach fluttering, heart pounding but not too cheesy moments? CHECK. Well, I'm glad that Unearthly is such an easy read. I will agree on most bloggers and avid biblios about that. I also agree that Cynthia Hand wrote a beautiful novel involving Nephilims. I must admit that having read a lot about these fascinating creatures, it tends to get tiring and predictable. But, a big BUT, it seems like I am enthralled once again. I didn't see it coming. The flow is natural and realistic. Thank God it doesn't have the too good to be true romance-at-first-sight, we-know-each-other-way-before type of scenario. It feels like you're living in the story and live up to it too, except that you don't sprout wings whenever someone commands you to reveal yourself. The characters are fairly likeable and readers could relate to them in some way. I like Clara. She is a fun narrator though she is stubborn. I guess she is some example to something that goes like "imperfections on perfection". The budding romance is not too cheesy, or else it'll be Fifty Shades all over again (not that I really have objections to Mr. Grey). There are unexpected twists and a growing love triangle in here that makes it an interesting read despite the lack of mind-boggling, too complex story additions. I must say I am quite interested with Hallowed. The idea of learning new terms related to Angelology is fun because I haven't come across them from other Nephilim novels yet. For a light, swoon-enough read, this is the book for you. :) XOXOs. 4.5 out of 5 stars.