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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White Hmm.. Where and how to begin this review? First : The Concept - I know that I haven't read much of Paranormal novels, but I think that the concept is unique and refreshing from normal stories under the genre. The idea of the International Paranormal Containment Agency is cool and makes me think of the Men in Black. :pParanormal "groovies" are present in this novel and they are depicted in their own nature and personality. Second : Characters - Evie is likable enough but I am not attached to her. I think she's too young and too girly. I'm not saying she can't kick ass. She definitely remind me of Claire from the Jamie McGuire's Providence series . Let's move the spotlight to our resident confusing-if-evil-or-not faery Reth. I think that reading Paranormalcy after the Iron Fey series is a bad idea since I am still on a major hungover with my beloved feys and Reth is a downright disappointment, including all feys in this series. HAHA!Lend, on the other hand, I like. He is a unique paranormal, having a human father and a water sylph for a mother. He is a shape-shifter and can change to any appearance he wants. I also find him charming, a definite plus.Don't even get me started on Vivian, the so-called "girl on fire". I want to kick her ass. Nuff said.Third : Kickass Killing and Action - I'll give this one a fair judgement. I think there are anough of them on Paranormalcy. It is also quite heartbreaking that Evie's mermaid bestfriend here, died. Sigh. So here's my review for Paranormalcy. Enjoy reading! :)