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Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa My favorite Puck Moments: "Wanna know my true name? Okay, listen up, I've never told anyone before. My True Name is...Hahahah! You really thought I would tell you? Really?""That's what I like about you Winter fey.. you're all such scintillating wits, such clever purveyors of words, such wise and frolicsome... " I ducked as a pinecone zipped by my head.."Hello, Robin," Oberon murmured, unsmiling. "I fear we must have a little talk."Aw, crap."Because he fell in love with my princess." Summer's Crossing is a short novella included in the Iron fey series. It picks up where the Iron Queen left off with Ash being exiled by Meghan herself and released him from his vow. Ash is determined to be with his Queen once more and was joined by Puck. Together, they searched for the famous witty cat, Grimalkin, who in return will inform Ash on how to become mortal. The story circles around their adventure on Arcadia as they retrieved something that Titania stole from the glittery Exile Queen, Leanansidhe. It was funny and I love how Puck narrated the story. It gave me a bit of understanding on where he stands and how he feels with the whole love triangle situation. It left a big smile on my face and I wish there are more books written on the Summer jester's POV. 4.8 out of 5 stars.