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The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa "My name, my TRUE NAME is Ashallayn' darkmyr Tallyn. I am the last son of the Unseelie Court. My fall began as many stories do, with a girl." This is EPIC. I am dumb-founded, hysterical, in-denial, crying, elated, excited, banging-my-head-in-the-wall tantrum fits, cursing, jumping up and down and feeling regal all at the same time. It is CRAZY!!!! Good Lord. ..[a:Julie Kagawa|2995873|Julie Kagawa|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1257816454p2/2995873.jpg]YOU ARE EFFIN' GENIUS!! I have never felt like this since the Harry Potter days, not even on the Divergent ones. The Iron Knight tells the adventure of ex-Unseelie Prince Ash and Summer's Puck from the Ice Prince's perspective. The ways and the challenges he went through are admirable and shows every bit of unconditional love everyone is dreaming of. Now standing as the Iron Queen, Meghan has no idea what Ash is doing in order to become mortal and make it possible to step unto the Iron Realm without pain. He is joined by Puck, the Big Bad Wolf, the ever-lovable Grimalkin and surprise, surprise! Ariella.I hate Ariella's character at first, I thought she was having a secret agenda/ploy to stop Ash from fulfilling his promise to Meghan. I want to smack her or rip her head off. It was like having an itch that needs to obliged. :)))Together, they journeyed toward the End of the World and to the Testing Grounds for Ash to face the challenges accompanied by being a mortal and having his own soul.This novel is beautiful. There are a lot of emotions and will help readers understand the story from Ash's point of view. He is a well-liked character and the book is never boring. I love the ending and may have shed a tear or two. Thank you Julie for the Iron Fey series. YOU ROCK!! Perfect 5 stars. Maybe 10 out of 5. If possible.