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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa I almost cried at the ending of this book. SIGH. The Iron Queen is a beautiful novel. The fight scenes are exhilirating, the description of the Faery world is genius and the characters leave a strong impression among readers. I haven't felt this way since the Divergent series and the Harry Potter ones. The Iron Queen took my breath away. Meghan is finally growing up and making mature decisions, she embraced the power she was gifted with and made it work with her in-born Summer magic. Puck is so funny and I can't help but feel a little sorry that he was dumped. The ex-Prince Ash is swoon-worthy. In this third book, he showed how much he really wants to be with Meghan and accepted his exile whole-heartedly. And believe me, there aren't enough men here on earth that's living that could come up to Ash's standards. He makes it even more harder for men to prove themselves. HAH! :D I super love this book. It is beautiful and captivating. The friendship, love and sacrifices here will all teach us the values that comes with it and on the contrary, as of Faery norms, hard to forget and will not erase from the heart for a long time. :) Perfect 5 stars.