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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa I don't have enough words for this one... It's effin awesome!! Julie is a genius. I love the way she portraits the Faery realm. She made both the Faery and mortal world seem dangerous and full of magical excitement all at the same time. Meghan is finally discovering her powers slowly and is doing reckless but heroic decisions that will save the world she never knew existed. The love triangle is pretty intense on this one but hey, I am finally a convert. :DI am now Team Ash all the way. I never thought he would make that decision. I thought he was the royal mama's boy on this series. Hey, Ice Queen Mab, "in yer face!" hahaha!I love this series, particularly this second book. It's amazing. I can't help my smile towards the end of the book. I am practically swooning over Ash and Meghan. The fight scenes between Team Meghan and the Iron Fey are exciting, it makes my imagination run various shades of wild. 4.8 out of 5 stars.