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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I am not much a Faery Fan but this one rocks!! Julie gave a whole new meaning and twist on Faery novels. I felt like I am back on the time when I was still reading novels by Piers Anthony. There are a whole lotta creatures in here and Julie put them in a light that depicted their true nature. (No shimmery vamps here, though) My only problem here is Meghan. I feel a little detached from her. I like her bestfriend-slash-guradian, Puck, though. He is funny and smart. The usual hot bad-boy/protagonist/antagonist in here quite disappointed me. Prince Ash is lacking something, ever the same as his royal title the Ice Prince, he exhibits very cold and mysterious vibe and I want to tear him apart. HAHA! The fight scenes are gruesome yet exciting and keeps you up on your toes. The giddy scenes are few in here , but there are a lot of testosterone rush in here. :)This is a funny novel, full of magic and it'll make you believe on monsters under the bed or closet bogeys all over again. Julie is a creative writer, I like the way she mixed the different elements of fantasy and science with the Iron Fey series. Great Read! 4.5 out of 5 stars.