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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Oh my gosh. Jennifer Almentrout's Obsidian is a breath of fresh air. These past few years, we have been in touched with different supernatural beings such as good-looking vampires, badass wolves, hunky fallen angels and lovable ghosts. But, Its not so often we come across drop-dead gorgeous aliens. I can always see in my mind's eye some form of ET. But, hey, Jennifer wrote a badass novel out of aliens. Though this is a lot like I am Number Four, I think Daemon is hotter. It is action-packed, too. The heroine, Kat, is like most protagonist, because she prefers to remain the wallflower, i-have-no-idea-i-am-hot type of girl. She is oblivious to Daemon's looks and his smart mouth doesn't intimidate her. She controls herself from falling in love, but proves to be unsuccessful in the end especially when she gains an unexpected connection with Daemon. This is a very good read for those who crave action-packed trilogies that comes with a sprinkle of romance and love triangles.