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A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks Tear jerker. For real. At least for me. I can't help bawling on the end part :D Nicholas Sparks is an author fond of writing hopeless romantic novels with a twist of tragedy. I won't say I am not among ones who are captivated by his writing. He is pretty good and this book is my favorite of his. I love the idea of a bad boy falling in love with the least likely and much out of his league type of girl. Landon Carter is a trouble maker and a hot-headed persona. He is into too much peers and pranks. Along came Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of Beaufort's baptist pastor. She tried injecting Landon with her brand of faith and wisdom while he struggles to unveil the true meaning of life and love for the first time. It was heart-breaking and makes me believe on the power of faith. And that love knows no boundaries and conditions. Jamie is a perfect example of gracing it through life's struggles while Landon is an image of someone who accepts his fate and a love that is unconditional. Perfect 5 stars.