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Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper Soulmates. with Superpowers. Yeah, this is what this book is all about. And I love it!! The first chapters are dedicated to Maryah Woodsen's POV. (They alternate with Nathan's PoV.) She talked about the night her whole family was murdered by creepy men and how she survived. There are parts wherein she appeared confused and gloomy. I mean, she's quite irrational and stubborn. And VERY frustrating! She doesn't even bother to notice the starngeness surrounding her. It's like everything is on shut down mode.Then, she will stay with her mother's best friend and her godmother, Louise Luna after losing her family. And that's where all the confusion will start. I think that the Luna family is wonderful. They are very caring and hospitable to Maryah. I like Louise's character, even grumpy Carson. But, what made me like this book even more is Nathaniel. Oh my gosh.. Nathaniel. You are the epitome of all mankind. I love how he is so patient and loyal to his soulmate! And he's good looking too.Too bad, Maryah thought he is the angel of death. A hot angel of death.The efforts he do for Maryah are so sweet! Even if she thinks Nathan is a total psycho.Okay. Enough of the gushing and let's talk about the superhero stuff. Souls that reincarnate and have the power to erase or retain their memories is uber cool. They are called Elements . Souls who have add-ons like traversing, time freezing, super speed and astral projection. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT?? I would definitely want to be a part of the Lunas!The real disappoint on this one is the part wherein Maryah/Mary remembered Nathan. but nothing else. .The real mystery is why Maryah/Mary decided to erase her memory. Why did she chose not to retain everything associated with her being? What is she trying to protect? And what does the creepy men want from her?Oooh. I love how the first book ended. It's such a cute cliffhanger. I have a lot of loving emotions on Grasping Eternity! Perfect 5 swooning stars!!