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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski Oh.My.Lord. This is a great,great book!First. The Storyline is good from start until the ending! I never got bored reading it. I even wondered how great Camryn feels traveling with a hot guy like Andrew. :DSecond. The Characters are amazing. I mean, they are mature and they each have a tragic story of their own. Andrew is gorgeous with a heart breaking secret and Camryn is a reserved gal with a tragic love story. I love them!Thirdly. The Hot and Steamy Scenes. Nuff said.Fourth. The Quite Unexpected-Expected Scenes. This is quite heart-wrenching. i thought I'm gonna lose Andrew here and Camryn will go insane. Especially after losing her ex-boyfriend.Fifth. The Roadtrip. This where the whole story started after all. It is meaningful and instructive, I like the idea that it bonded Cam and Andrew. They are different people after the journey. Lastly. The Sweet Ending. I was like "This is it? It's already finished?? I want more!" Like, seriously.. I want to find out what'll happen to Cam and Andrew and the big B. 4.7 out of 5 stars.