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My Life After Now - Jessica Verdi "Life isn't all that bad.. ..And of that I was absolutely POSITIVE." Have you ever sat down and think of all the things you should be grateful for? Or have you looked into the mirror and see yourself truly?There are a lot of things we took for granted and mishaps we took a bit lightly. [b:My Life After Now|15752348|My Life After Now|Jessica Verdi|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1346810112s/15752348.jpg|21447308] is such a beautiful story about Lucy Moore, an adopted child of two bisexual men, who learned life the hard way. The concept of the story is nicely written and the issues were tackled in a very careful yet realistic way.Lucy is a really strong character for me. The first parts of the story, I found her a bit annoying. Having her heart broken by a social climbing, limelight sucker named Ty, she took refuge on a night of alcohol, clubbing and a stranger. I graduated with a degree in Nursing and know that HIV is a dormant virus that will not be triggered easily unless the immune system of the infected one is compromised. With healthy living, medications and preventive measures, one can live a possibly longer life than those who chose to neglect medical attention. I really like the idea that this book opens our mind to someone (fictional or not) dealing with this type of situation. It showed us the process, coping, prognosis and psychological aspects of HIV in relation to Lucy, her dads, and friends.I love the characters. All of them. Even Elyse and Ty. They all feel real and necessary to the story line. Even Evan who I disliked on the earlier chapters because he acted like a complete jerk. I also love the idea that HIV is not the only issue tackled here. It's like a burst of emotion supernova! Read this. Now. :) 5 stars!