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Prodigy - Marie Lu EPIC. First, the Kick Ass Action. I cannot say anything negative. This book is like a really good batch of caffeine. Not just a good batch but a totally HUGE one. It pumped adrenaline all throughout my whole being, made me anxious and bite my nails (a bit), bang my head with the book and gripped the edge of any surface my hand comes in contact with. (weird, right?) Anyway, this is an AMAZING BOOK. The PLOT. The Characters. I totally love Day more on this one. He grew up and made mature decisions. He is more expressive of his feelings for June. Anden . He is the new elector after his father's death and I cannot say that i trusted his character at first. I thought that June's instincts about him will totally backfire on them, but thankfully did not. Anden proved that he is a good elector for the Repbulic. June Iparis. is officially one of my fave heroines of all time. She is really a badass fighter and deadly smart. Not too mention that she is also attractive. She showed a lot of guts on this book and also balanced it with a softer side of hers. Tess. is a flirty bitch. I am so annoyed with her. She keeps on pushing herself on Day. Love Triangle. Square. Web. Tangle. is perfect. And totally OKAY. There aren't cheesy stuff going on, but there are a lot of hormonal rush and sorts that the first book did not cover.Unfortunately/Fortunately, it's still wholesome.The POV from both Day and June is good and every part kept me on my toes. This are my reaction ALL THROUGHOUT. This is me whenever there are sweet moments between Day and June:And this is me on the Ending. Everything is on gif form since I am really having a hard time reviewing this. Note: this book gave me a terrible BOOK HANGOVER. Thank you ArnArn for recommending this goddamn-epic-heartbreaking-amazing series. [a:Marie Lu|4342215|Marie Lu|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1285032806p2/4342215.jpg] you are a freaking genius. I think Goodreads should add a 6 or 10 star rating in here.