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Destroy Me - More Warner? First of all, I want to thank [a:Tahereh Mafi|4637539|Tahereh Mafi|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1299027546p2/4637539.jpg] for creating this beautiful insane man by the name of Warner and also, because she did not overly use metaphors on this novella. HAHAH! Destroy Me gives us a window on what goes on the mind of a handsome, brutal and cold regent of Sector 45. I always knew that he is insanely evil and he shows no conscience, but I never thought that he always have that soft childish side of him on the inside. He is too robotic and has SERIOUS OC tendencies. I suppose his upbringing really destroyed him. His father is plain evil.It's soooo swoon worthy and why do we always fall for the bad guys?? I suppose it's the thrill and the thought that a man like this could change and love.Warner's feelings for Juliette, in a way is deep. I am right when I decided to ship him and Juliette.He fell in love with this girl whom he obsessively observed through footages of her stay on the asylum. He found beauty on a girl who confined herself on one corner and stared at an object for too long, and for her thoughts spilling from a notebook. It only depicts how dark and lonely he is too. He saw himself in Juliette in some ways.I wish that Juliette will make up her mind and choose Warner. :p Even if, this is one har nut to crack, we don't know for sure who will be the chosen one. It seems he is on the same level with Adam. Perfect 5 stars!