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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - The Immortal Rules is... BLOODY-MAZZINNNNGGG!!! Okay, this is my reaction for the first few chapters of the book:I've known [a:Julie Kagawa|2995873|Julie Kagawa|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1257816454p2/2995873.jpg] as a badass writer of the Iron Fey series. I hope she really pulled up this "Vampire" novel.In a world where vampires are the rulers and humans are slaves,Allie Sekemoto fights for survival. At first. She is an Unregistered human and she lived most of her life scavenging for food and shelter. I admire her determination to live despite the gloom and terror that was brought upon the bloodsucking creatures. An unfortunate event, however, made her choose between dying forever or living the life you hated most. Characters. Allie is a strong heroine. I like her spunk and her determination. And, thank God, she's not a desperate damsel in distress, she can kickass especially with that katana. Kanin is a very stubborn secretive character. But I like him anyway, and I like that his name reminds me of a Filipino staple- "rice". Julie sure loves our Filipino terms. :D Zeke. I like his character enough, though he doesn't qualify as one of my book boyfriends. I think he is a perfect example of goodness living in a bullshitty world. He is so nice and helpful. Jebbadiah. Not another Uncle Jeb?? Reminds me a lot of Uncle Jeb from Stephenie Meyer's The Host especially with this lines: ".. I turn away none in need, so you are welcome here. However, if you choose to stay, there are rules everyone must follow.." Okay, definitely like Uncle Jeb. But that's where the similarities end. Jeb Crosse here is SO STUBBORN. Nuff said. Ruth. This is my only comment for her: ".. the tawny form of a huge cat, its eyes glowing in the darkness.." Was that Grimalkin , Julie??? ^__^ Concept and Pace . The concept is perfection. Dystopia with vampires. The pace is also good and it's very hard to put down. The world building is amazing and Julie never fails to make her reader's imagination run wild and feel the gloom she wants. It's creepy and I can't help but feel the fear she wants to instill on the book. It's not a boring book. Period. And the Rabids? Dear Lord. They are totally creepy and disgusting. I felt a lot of emotions while reading them. Deaths.Hope.Survival. is evident and beautifully portrayed. my feelings for the death of Darren, Jeb and even Ruth. Julie.. you are a freaking genius. Perfect 5 heart-pounding stars.