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A Beautiful Dark - As Skye turned 17, ( I find her name really pretty by the way. Coz it's also the name I gave my child. No connections with the book, however.) weird things have been happening. Like most heroines in the beginning of the novel, she tried to ignore it and pretend that it doesn't have any meaningful connections to her. But then again, there will come one person/duo sent by the Heavens, or rather, wherever they came from, to give her some knowledge of who she really is and what she really is. But the BIG problem we have here is: Skye doesn't even know what's happening to her and what is her true nature since her parents died when she was 6. Tragic.Anyways, I love the idea of two "camps" fighting over her attention. I will call them Camp Asher or better known as the Rebellion and Camp Devin also known as the Order. The reason I read A Beautiful Dark is the fact that I extremely love good love triangles , even love squares, if you know what I mean. I can't help but swoon over the two guys even if one has a deadly agenda against the protag. It is also an easy read despite the confusion I felt along with Skye as she tries to decide what to choose and how to discover her true self. The words and pace of the story is beautiful and quite engaging. The idea of choosing between two very different guys will also tells us a lot about Skye's choices in the near future. This ain't a literary masterpiece but I like the way it was written and I love the love triangle. :) 4.5 out of 5 stars.