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Unravel Me - WOOOOOOOWWWWWW! This book will be the end of me. And! I can't believe that this. this. THIS book will give me terrible book hangover. Same with it's older sister, Shatter Me, this novel is brimming with endless metaphors and beautiful words. Thank God that the strike texts did not made any numerous comeback. Juliette and Adam plus Kenji and James joined the Resistance better known as the Omega Point. There they are housed by Professor Charles Xavier. Oh wait. I mean, by, Castle. Who I should mention has telekinetic powers AND can move objects with his immense brainpower AND by all means, trusting and kind. Perfect Prof X and Prof Dumbledore, by the way. They are trained and tested to further enhance their superpowers in preparation with a war against the evil Supreme Commander Anderson of Sector 45, a.k.a Warner's daddy. AND Adam's daddy too. I really like the part wherein Juliette with the other people of Omega, was given a task to steal from the Reestablishment's supplies. I felt a lot of emotions when she saw Warner again after escaping.I think we just saw there that Warner has two sides. A cruel one, product of his upbringing and the one that can change and love unconditionally. I love him. He's so CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!