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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Holy cow. I am trying to ready myself for the pitchforks and the knife throwing.I cannot finish the book. Not by a 100%. Let me explain myself.I am fascinated by the world of Luxens and Arums. I mean, hot, sexy, bad, naughty aliens? OH COME ON. You gotta love 'em.What I can't stand is Serena. She's this counselor on a high school and everything, I assume she's smart enough and can handle her emotions at its best, but NO. She's this weird ball of sexual tension and craving and it made her look pathetic. Totally pathetic for Hunter's attention. I can't believe she is greatly affected by his charms that fast. I like Hunter. I never thought Arums could be so sexy. I used to think they were this ugly shadow things pestering our world and my dear Luxens. The banter between the two race of aliens is quite entertaining too.Le Sigh. 3 stars.