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Vain - Fisher Amelie VAIN is a story of a filthy rich, coke-addict, party animal, hot, popular and breath-taking Sophie Price. Okay.. that was my first impression. I cant help hating every word and thought that comes out of Sophie. She's too conceited and plastic. She wants the world at her feet and she almost always get what she wants. And then the real score about this novel begins..Sophie is someone who seems to have all. But behind the glitz and glamour, her family is nothing but like a mural on the wall. Perfect and beautiful, as a display.She yearns for something more and she turned to drugs instead. After being busted the second time, she was sent to Uganda as a punishment.She will work on an orphanage named Masego which caters to children with missing limbs or any body parts brought about by local terrorists.The reaction Sophie first had when she saw the children is priceless. The way she compared her life back home and what the children have is a tear jerker. I love the part wherein she talked about her 5 thousand dollar bracelet. Her life turned upside down and she learned to love the things she experienced while in Uganda. She developed bonds and friendships she cannot sustain back home. One of them is Ian Aberdeen. Even his name sounds hot. I like the way they develop their feelings for each other and the affection Sophie have for a certain orphan, Mandisa. I love this story, it certainly goes as one of the top books I read this year. Amelie Fisher is a genius. And quite cruel, because I want to do this while reading :And made me realize that we should really appreciate the life we have.Others are not so fortunate. 5 stars.