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Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens Okay.. I am sorry for those who loved Thoughtless. But, I seriously want to shot myself in the head and throw my reader on the wall. (kidding.)And, it's all because of Kiera. I just can't stand her. This one'll probably be a good read if Kiera is a little subtle about her sexual fantasies and stop pretending that everything between her and Kellan is innocent . WHAAAAT DAAA???? Kellan is likeable enough and I am quite relieved that despite his lack of self-control to fall in love with his bestfriend's girl, he somehow managed to think that all of it was wrong. Denny, on the other hand, is the perfect gentleman. At first I thought that he deserved it because he have shortcomings, but hey, he's just working hard for a future. Some of the romantic scenes are okay, but some are just too much. Probably because I am quite offended by Kiera's actions. HAHA! I hope that as the story progress, everything will be put in the right place and Kiera will be less annoying. Peace. 3 out of 5 stars.