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Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper "The heart remembers." First of all, I would like to thank Karen, Starry Sky and Netgalley for my ARC copy. It was like one of my happiest days that week. For the review: I missed the gang. I miss the whole Luna family and the idea of soul mates having supernatural powers.I was more enthralled when I found out the story will be told in dual POVs. In Maryah's and Harmony's. I am not fond with Harmony's character. I think she's too dark and lonely. I guess losing your soul mate is the worst thing that could ever happen. But, in this second book, I understood her feelings better even if she have mishaps during the course of the adventure.I am a bit annoyed with Maryah.. She's still confused with everything. I feel that she's transgressing a bit and I love her better on Grasping.Now, Nathaniel Luna. I love him even more. He is still the epitome of all mankind and I am dying to know if he's hiding a terrible secret from the Kindrily. Thank God for some action. I am relieved that Dakota and Harmony survived it. And Gregory.. Hallelujah.I love the ending! I think it's cool that Karen put a sort of disclaimer on the ending. She will make you choose to stop or to read on.Well.. I read on. And I am dying of curiosity in here.Will wait for the third book.