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Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey So yeah. I totally agree with the others who read this: "The present was perfect and I was going to stay in it for as long as possible." Noah Stewart and Amanda Kelly have been bestfriends since birth. The one older than the other by a freakin' minute, they share their every thing together. At first, it'll seem like your typical I-fell-in-love-with-my-best friend story. 1. Telling each other everything. 2. Jealousy towards slutty girls. 3.Overprotective with one another. 4. Irrational need for each other.But no. It is so much more than that.[b:Present Perfect|17727279|Present Perfect|Alison G. Bailey|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1373291890s/17727279.jpg|24797497] will make you laugh, swoon, and feel frustration. Amanda or better known as "Tweet" is quite a frustrating character. I can't understand her logic through all of this. She can't help feeling jealous whenever Noah wanted to be another girl. Noah wanted to be with her, but she's too worried about the future to give them a chance. Hence, the title was born.The later parts are what I would call from now on as the killer parts .Noah and Tweet went on their separate ways, though they always seem to barge into each other's lives every now and then. Every encounter they had were intense, not in the sense of the bedroom intense, but they were emotionally-fueled and always ended up in fighting and then making up.Noah Stewart is officially on my book-boyfriend list now. There's something really sweet about him but at the same time, he's like most teenage boys who does "teenage boy stuff" that made Tweet's heart break into pieces every single time. Yet, who can blame him? He got rejected.Then, just when I thought they will finally be together, something bad happened again testing their friendship and love for each other. "Noah has 99.9% of my heart. The rest will always belong to a special boy who changed my life forever." Noah may be a hot piece of work, but Dalton Connor will always be my home boy. In the short time he spent on this book's pages, he catches my attention and may be my favorite character with the personality all throughout. I will not talk about the ending nor spoil if this book will have its HEA or not. Because no matter what, this book is an absolute must read. It's a real tear-jerker.