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Sweet Evil - I.Love.Love.Loooovvee.This.Book. Alright,'nuff said.Sweet Evil is probably one of my favorite releases this year 2012.It has the right amounts of humor, sexiness, action and wit. I adore Wendy Higgins and her ideas with this one. Anna Whitt is an okay character and Kaidan is sooo dark and sexy. The pace is good and though the concept is not new to me, I did not feel any boredom and gagged myself to death with the ideas of fallen angels. AGAIN. I like the way the author thought of the different royal titles for the fallen angels like Anna's father, who is the Duke of Substance Abuse and Kaidan's dad as the.. Tadaaaa! the Duke of Lust. All of the characters are likable enough in their own little evil ways. HAHA! The parts with Anna and Kaidan's innocent sexy encounters are making me giddy, though I wish there's more. I can't wait for Sweet Peril! 2013 is not near enough! Oh and Wendy, hands down. :) Perfect 5 stars!