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Shadow and Bone  - Leigh Bardugo This book... this book.. Told in the POV of an orphan named Alina Starkov, Shadow and Bone is a high fantasy novel set in a kingdom called Ravka. At least that's what I understood. The whole book is teeming with these Russian and Ravkan terms, I think my head's gonna burst. But eventually, you'll get the hang of it. :DAlina began her journey with her childhood friend-slash-fellow orphan-slash-young love, Malyen Oretsev. Alina was just a map maker that time. Together, they were enlisted to travel through the Shadow Fold, a sea engulfed im darkness where cannibalistic creatures called Volcra lurked and feed on humans who enter the Fold. Their story started when Alina tried to save Mal from the volcra and the second highest ranking official next to the King, discovered Alina's powers. Power that she never knew she had until that day. And so she was trained as a Grisha and the only Sun Summoner while Mal worked as a Tracker. Pace. I was a bit slow in the beginning because I had a hard time remembering the different grishas and Russian terms. The Concept. is brilliant. Nuff' said. Reminds me a bit of The Last Airbender. The DARKLING. Okay. I have a lot of emotions for this particular tall, dark and handsome ball of magic and hotness. I mean.. REALLY??? Really??? It's such a BUZZKILL!My feelings for the whole Darkling thing BEFORE: And.. my feelings AFTER.: I can't wait for the Seige and Storm. I'll still be rooting for the darkling. 4.7 out of 5 stars.