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Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger Wind sylphs? a tragic past? a brewing semi-forbidden love? a two-faced backstabbing b^$#@? Okay! Give me all of those! Let the Sky Fall is a very fresh concept for me because I haven't read much about air elementals,(maybe, with the exception of the Iron fey series, but hey, they aren't the star of the series!)First off, let me share my "likes" on this book:I think that the author did a wonderful job. She has a gift with words and conveys a lot of emotions such as loneliness and desperation. I wasn't feeling the emotion of hope though. Not yet.The concept of using the directions of the wind as names for the clans/families are good. They are namely Northerlies (mighty), Southerlies (calming), Easterlies (swift) and the Westerly (peace). The Gale is like a team of policemen or peacekeepers.The main characters are also likeable. I especially like Audra. She came from the Easterlies and she is a bad-ass. She is a strong character though she was fueled by guilt and sacrifice of her father. Vane, is the last heir of the Westerly people. His parents were murdered by ugly brutes called the Stormers. His character is most like other teenage boys with raging hormones. He is too girl-crazy. But, I wouldn't judge him too early that he is a weak protagonist. He is oozing with potential to turn out badass.I also like the way that Audra is serious and sad while Vane is light and lively. Whenever he begins a deep conversation, he would always make a rebound back to his jolly thoughts and actions. The brewing semi-forbidden love story between the two of them is also swoon-worthy enough, I just wish that they think of a way to get away with it. yeah. I wish as easy as THAT. :D On to the villain! Every good story has one! Raiden. Kinda reminds me a lot of Lord Voldemort . Look at him! He came from a powerful family of sylphs and he is still power hungry. The need to overthrow the whole peace and quiet is soooo Voldy! I wonder if he also looks like this:Okay. Maybe not.And the minor "dislike" is:There aren't a lot of death defying actions but it's enough to provide a sneak peek of what might be next for Vane and his way to greatness. And on what will happen next to a certain selfish two faced bitch. Arella. Audra's mom. I like this book, it's a light read and beautifully written. 4.5 stars.