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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire Beautifully written, not a TOTAL disaster at all. WOW. I've been waiting for this book to come out for AGES! I adore [a:Jamie McGuire|4464118|Jamie McGuire|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1355507473p2/4464118.jpg]. Ever since I read her Providence series, I fell in love with the way she writes and she's also a very nice author. Replies to your tweets and stuff. ^___^First off.. I LIKE this book because it's finally in Travis's POV. I always believed that the male counterpart of the book is more fun to read because it is straight forward and is not shy to extreme cussing. As usual, Abby is very girly. I can't help thinking throughout 2 books that she's a tease. I understand her past but it's obvious what Travis wants from her and she just thought it was SEX, SEX and more SEX. Give the poor boy a break! America and Shepley were okay. Except for the times that America is overreacting. I don't understand the need for it. The writing is beautiful and there are parts that are so swoon worthy especially since they came from the mind of Travis. This is me while reading:Okay. It's scaring me too. I know there are some corny parts but hey, I can't help myself! I'm a GIRL. Accompanied by shrill fangirling scream at times. Okay, the last few chapters and the ending: WHAAAAAT??? Travis is with the FBI?? Freaking Effin FBI?? and with Thomas?? Okay, I have to give it to Jamie McGuire. That was quite unexpected. 4.7 out of 5 stars.