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Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder Poison Study! Such an awesome read!! Oh my G. I really liked this book. I have read The Throne of Glass before this, but please forgive me if I say that Poison Study is better. More beautiful even. First, the female protagonist, Yelena IS or WAS a criminal, but her crime was an act of self-defense and she was not an assassin. But she proved all throughout the book that she's no soft character. She plays no damsel in distress and she's smart, and that's why I immediately like her. She's kickass or at least she learned how to be. The world building is amazing. It's not overly done and not lacking at the same time. It's also simple in the sense that the world of Ixia is only divided by Military District numbers and produce. A bit like Panem's districts. It was an easy read and quite hard to put down.Yelena's extent of magical powers are intriguing and I am waiting for something disastrous to happen since she's the Commander's food taster.(and something did happen, though not super disastrous.)I think that this is a book that deals with a lot of "heavy" topics such as politics, murders, and rape. It's good because it touched those topics but came out as interesting, not boring or gruesome. I really like the Characters. A lot of them are snarky and sneaky, but there are also those who are funny and loyal. I especially love Ari and Janco. They are loyal friends and a definite plus, that they are good fighters.The Commander and his true nature is also interesting. i love that he is strict and prim but compassionate at the same time. VALEK. O dear Lord. I know that he's a bit older, very stoic, very strict, cunning, dark, mysterious and appears to have no conscience over killing people. But O.M.G. He is SO DAMN SEXY when he tries to be compassionate and thoughtful. He is super cute when he tries to be funny too!I love that the love interest between Valek and Yelena started slowly. I kept on waiting for something swoon worthy to happen but there's nothing, at least not on the later part of the book and when it did:YEAH!!! The moment was so worth it.And the Ending? I have no words enough to describe my feelings. It's so sweet.I need the next book. ASAP. I need me some more Valek. Perfect 5 stars.