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Unbreakable (Unbreakable, #1)

Unbreakable (Unbreakable, #1) - Rebecca Shea WOW. Unbreakable.. Yet my heart is breaking into tiny million pieces. "Sometimes, shutting doors and letting go is the most important step in healing your heart." First Part. Whew. That was quite a roller coaster of emotions. The first half of the book was an easy and sweet read as Gabe and Jess finally got together. They've known each other for 14 years and Jess is practically part of the Garcia family. Their story reminds me a lot of the latter part of [b:The Avery Shaw Experiment|17660979|The Avery Shaw Experiment|Kelly Oram|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1363678578s/17660979.jpg|24651100] where there are a lot of first dates, stolen kisses and 'i Love Yous" it's sickeningly sweet to endure. Yet, I can't help but give a smile. "I want to be the man that loves you forever." Gabe Garcia is perfection. He is good-looking, hard working and has gone through a lot of lengths just to be anything and everything to Jess. He is worthy of any girl's attention any time of the day. Second Part. This is the part wherein, any good love story should be a part of. A sudden tragic incident will try to come between Gabe and Jess. My feels are all over the place. I felt that Jess's being a bit cruel for pushing away Gabe and the rest of the family, but I can also feel her pain. Her life's been changed in just a night and she don't even remember it happening. Grabbing the first opportunity to forget, she moved out East without even saying a proper goodbye to Gabe and Santa Ruiz, California. "Don't go." I whisper. "Love me enough to stay." Christ. I can feel my heart breaking into two. Third Part. Jess met a few awesome people while on North Carolina, yet she can't totally forget the man who holds her heart forever. BUT. Cue in the sexy music, for the sexiest bad boy shall come into the spotlight.. Landon Christianson. - 28 years old, a playboy and police officer, Landon never thought he'd fell for Jess. The man is WHIPPED. I think he officially joined my Book Boyfriend List after the most selfless thing he could have ever done. ".. My name is Landon Christianson. I need to speak with you about Jess." And my heart broke. Into a million pieces. But I'm happy with the ending. Though again it reminds me of another book ([b:The Notebook|15931|The Notebook|Nicholas Sparks|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1299206637s/15931.jpg|1498135]) because of the way the guy slaved himself to work on a dream house and waits for the love of his life. But sigh.. it's so sweet.

Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It - Cora Carmack "Heaven help me. But I wanted my professor to be my boyfriend." Adorable. After reading a lot of books with hot and heavy issues, this is a breath of fresh air. There's a cute love story, a funny protagonist, student-teacher thing, and an easy read.Bliss Edwards at 22 is still the big V. So, with a little (a lot) of push from her best friend, Kelsey, she decided to give away her V-card once and for all. They went to the bar and she met the finest man she could lay her eyes on that night. He's hot, looks smart (he's reading Shakespeare) and wait for it.. with an accent to die for. YEP! Some of us love our British guys.Anyway, I find this book hilarious. I can't stop myself from laughing out loud and shaking my head because Bliss is old enough yet appears very young at certain states and things. The Love Triangle is a bit heart wrenching, probably, because Cade is such a great guy. Any one who would look at the book cover for quite some time will be deceived since it did not deliver well the sexiness on the cover. :D There are no erotic scenes here, no personal demons and definitely no BDSM. Just some plain old forbidden love.But over all, I like this book. Such an easy, adorable read.

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher ".. I want to believe we're in this because of who we are. Not just because we don't see each other as damaged goods." Gosh. This book is amazing. I totally get it if there are some people who did not like the idea of this. But for someone married, single and/or have kids and no time for dating, one can relate. And I love how REAL it is and how it can happen to anybody no matter how complicated it is.[b:Damaged Goods|11520968|Damaged Goods|Lauren Gallagher|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1307408122s/11520968.jpg|16457981] is not just your typical dose of hardcore loving and sexy men.I personally think that it is waaay more than that. The characters felt so real and the situation is headache-inducing. I don't know if I can take it if I ever put myself in the characters' shoes. "Yeah, I had everything. Which was, of course, why I now reclined on a rented, rock-hard, queen-size bed, waiting for a male prostitute to show up.” The blurb alone from Goodreads will make you want to pick up this book. Jocelyn Rhodes is a single mom with 2 kids who was having a hard time finding the right one. Forcing herself to find "the man" that will accept her and her kids at the same time, be a partner in everything ( yes. the BED included) , she tended to end up with the wrong men and finally succumb to hire an escort to fulfill her needs. Now enter, Sabian. A man who will give you what you need in bed with a price tag attached. This is a really sensitive issue. Revolving around the morals and norms of society, relationship and family. I really admire Jocelyn for her open-mindedness. It is too much to handle. This woman surely have no trust issues at all. I love her.And Sabian/Austin is an incredible dude. Though, I don't really understand why he can't just find another job other than being an escort or being a striving artist. I mean, there could be other jobs, right? Anyway, I think he's really cool and sincere. It's hard to believe it coming from someone in his line of work. But hell. He proved himself.The steamy scenes. Are steamy. I mean, Massage? Anyone?That EPILOGUE.. Christ. I think I shed a tear or two. It was so romantic!Over and Out.
In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley HOLY CAVENDISH. Well.. I've heard a lot of good comments about this book. A lot say that it's a better version of [b:Fifty Shades of Grey|10818853|Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)|E.L. James|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1372516342s/10818853.jpg|15732562], there are some who said that it's a bit dark and the personal demons are mighty stronger. I agree. "Life hurts. As long as it doesn't kill us, we weather it." Bianca Karlsson is a very intriguing female protagonist. Sure, she have her ups and downs and tiny moments of head desk. But, I am awed by how strong she is and how she tries to put herself up after all that she went through as a child. I just don't like the instaLust she have for Mr. Cavendish. Stephan. Stephan.. I wish I also have an Abercrombie ad model look alike for a best friend. I think he is the best. James Cavendish. is a man-beast. He is this hot young billionaire haunted by his personal demons, living with a secret and loves doing kinky things with women. I am curious with him. He reminds me a LOT of Christian Grey and I assure you that there are a lot of scenes/parts that will remind you of FSoG. It's like a rip-off. But made better.The chapter titles are interesting. I don't wanna give out too much for those who haven't read this yet. But it will certainly tell you what type of mood Mr. Cavendish is in.I found some lines quite.. disturbing. I suppose every one should be expecting something like that from erotic novels yet the idea of "destroying/taking your hymen" is quite funny and disturbing at the same time.The steamy scenes are all good. I love how gentle James can be when he wants to. The ending is quite the cliffhanger and every bit like the ending of FSoG. I hope the next books are better and deviate from the famous EL James book pattern.Ciao!
Unteachable - Leah Raeder "When life gets hard, you don't run away." WOW. All the time I was reading, I was saying:Oh. My. God.Oh My God.OhMyGod!OH MY GOD!!This book is so awesome! Heavy with explicit language and sexual content, it's about a troubled teen who met the man that will put her world into a wild spin, confronting fears, taboos, friends, forgiveness and second chances. "You can call it love.. or you can call it free fall." This book was very hard to put down. I found myself staying late at night because I can't get enough of the swoon and the growing curiosity about Maise O'Malley and Evan Wilke.I think what made this book very interesting is the fact that it deals with a lot of taboo such as drugs, prostitution, premarital sex and student-teacher relationships.I love the characters. I really like Maise as the narrator. She's angsty, prank and real. Mr. Evan Wilke is not a bad character either. I find him really really HOT.Wesley Brown is also lovable. I think he's a really good friend to Maise. His mom, Siobhan is the coolest mom. Ever. "I can't hold on to you. You're like that shooting star.. Just a trail of fire in my hands." The writing is lyrical and beautiful. It's not big on the conversations yet you'll find yourself smiling at times, giggling at those sweet moments and some head desk near the end.The plot twist is not that.. BIG. I mean, I had some doubt with Evan when I found out, but NAH.Moving on... The ENDING is CINEMATIC. I don't know if I have a better adjective for it.It is not a total cliffhanger and just a bit open. Just sweet and perfect. :) " This is what being in love feels like. Gratitude.Gratitude that you exist in this fucked up beautiful universe." Perfect 5 stars.

On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I'm an island of emotions somewhere on the center of the Pacific Ocean. This book is a very good read. I can say that because I read it in one sitting, took me only 5 hours to devour it.[b:On the Island|15505346|On the Island (On the Island #1)|Tracey Garvis-Graves|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1339162550s/15505346.jpg|18151286] is a story centering Anna Emerson, a 30-year old tutor and 16-year old T.J. Callahan flying on a private sea plane toward an island in Maldives when an accident brought them together and realize that there is more to life that they will learn.I cannot imagine an older woman having any love interest with a teen. I don't mean that it's not happening in real life or that it is always cringe-worthy. I simply have not read anything with that type of situation until now. And surprisingly, I liked it.Right from the start, there are a lot of "complications". First, the age gap. Then, the whole student-teacher thing again. And then, T.J. on cancer remission. I cannot put myself into their shoes. I don't know if I'll survive that LONG TIME. I cannot blame them for falling for each other. Yet, I can't help but think that the kind of love they had may not be too real since it seemed a bit of "necessary" since they are the only people on that island. YET , I found myself liking T.J. a lot as the story progressed.Thomas James Callahan. You young sexy man..I think he's a very mature guy for his age and strong enough to endure the temptation. He was 16 when the plane crashed. He's almost 19 when something happened between the two of them. I love every thing about it. Even if it's no literary masterpiece. The writing is simple yet unputdownable. The life after rescue got complicated and a little bit sad but I love me some happy ending. :) Beautiful 4.7 stars.
An Iron Fey Valentine - Julie Kagawa ARGH. So Romantic. I really really love Prince Ash and Meghan's love story. It's not an epic one, it's not too much of a you-and-me-against-the-world but it is so sweet and in short, young love. (weelll, not really.) It makes me feel butterflies on my stomach and thoughts about the Ice Prince alone makes me shiver and think of more than just pretty flying things on my stomach. It feels more like dinosaurs rampaging.Anyway, it's Valentine's Day! And they are newly married and running the Iron realm is stressful so Meghan decided to surprise her fey husband. She took him out on a date, all the while knowing that Ash has no idea about the essence of Valentine's day.It's really cute. Going to fancy dinner, movies and strolling around.What made my knees go weak and buckle is the fact that Prince Ash also surprised Meghan. With his own version of fairy lights, romantic part of Fey realm and some sparkling wine. Awww...

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #2)

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #2) - This is so... AWESOME! It's better than the [b:The Lightning Thief|28187|The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)|Rick Riordan|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1361038385s/28187.jpg|3346751]! I did not expect to fall in love with a middle grade book but I haven't felt this excited since Harry Potter and Legend. This series will make you crave for more.The Sea of Monsters takes us to a journey to find the Golden Fleece that will help save Camp Half Blood and protect its boundaries against mythological monsters. Now, Annabeth, Percy, Clarisse and new found half brother Tyson, set forth a quest to find the Golden Fleece and save Grover from the hands of an evil Cyclops. The journey itself will help the heroes discover things about themselves, question choices and face betrayals. It is such an exhilarating adventure!I love Tyson at first sight. I never thought Poseidon would sire someone like him. My mythology is a little rusty. But I'm glad that he's really sweet and smart.The ending is a cliffhanger and I am so tempted to get my hands on the third book.I am now equipped and ready for the movie! Perfect 5 Hero Stars!

Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2)

Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover "..I'm not falling in love with her piece by piece anymore. I'm in love with the whole girl. Every single piece of her." WOW. I don't think I've swooned so hard my entire life.Colleen Hoover is one hell of a badass to make her readers swoon so hard it's like a sucker punch right through the heart.I love [b:Hopeless|15717943|Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)|Colleen Hoover|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1353489892s/15717943.jpg|21389085]. It's a roller coaster of issues and emotions. Now, reading Hopeless in Holder's POV is a piece of heaven. It is always refreshing and more entertaining to read it from the guy's point of view. Everything is straight forward, sweet and funny.I also like the parts wherein we learn more about Les's life and death or the way Holder feels about losing Hope as a child.I just glad that even if their past lives are so tragic, they managed to learn from it and live through the rest of it.Major swoon fest. 5 Holder Stars.

My Life After Now

My Life After Now - Jessica Verdi "Life isn't all that bad.. ..And of that I was absolutely POSITIVE." Have you ever sat down and think of all the things you should be grateful for? Or have you looked into the mirror and see yourself truly?There are a lot of things we took for granted and mishaps we took a bit lightly. [b:My Life After Now|15752348|My Life After Now|Jessica Verdi|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1346810112s/15752348.jpg|21447308] is such a beautiful story about Lucy Moore, an adopted child of two bisexual men, who learned life the hard way. The concept of the story is nicely written and the issues were tackled in a very careful yet realistic way.Lucy is a really strong character for me. The first parts of the story, I found her a bit annoying. Having her heart broken by a social climbing, limelight sucker named Ty, she took refuge on a night of alcohol, clubbing and a stranger. I graduated with a degree in Nursing and know that HIV is a dormant virus that will not be triggered easily unless the immune system of the infected one is compromised. With healthy living, medications and preventive measures, one can live a possibly longer life than those who chose to neglect medical attention. I really like the idea that this book opens our mind to someone (fictional or not) dealing with this type of situation. It showed us the process, coping, prognosis and psychological aspects of HIV in relation to Lucy, her dads, and friends.I love the characters. All of them. Even Elyse and Ty. They all feel real and necessary to the story line. Even Evan who I disliked on the earlier chapters because he acted like a complete jerk. I also love the idea that HIV is not the only issue tackled here. It's like a burst of emotion supernova! Read this. Now. :) 5 stars!

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #1)

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #1) - "The real world is where the monsters are." It's been a while since I anticipated a series which is more for the juvenile but also attracts the attention of adult readers. I think Rick Riordan did an amazing job with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Mythology is not my strong subject, but this is really interesting.I love the action, the funny dialogues between the characters and forces of mythological creatures. It's also cool that gods coming down and mating with mortals is the main reason why we have this series. :DPercy had no idea he's a demigod. If I am to compare the movie with the book, I say the book is better. There are a lot of alterations in the movie, such as Percy is not a 12 year old demigod fighting monsters.I like all the characters, even Hades and Ares. This gave me the almost-same vibe I had back then with Harry Potter and his advetures with Ron and Hermione. Definitely a good read for adventure lovers and mythology fans. 4.5 stars.

The Avery Shaw Experiment

The Avery Shaw Experiment - Kelly Oram "Somewhere between the shower and the Red Bull, I fell in love with you. I'm talking epically. There is no coming back from a fall like mine." The Avery Shaw Experiment is a cute love story. It is a breather after reading action packed and dramatic books. I love the characters and the concept even if I think it's a little impossible and childish to do an experiment based on a "broken heart" and get away with the sappy theatrics at the end. Avery Shaw and Aiden Kennedy is inseparable. They grew up together, do things together and have their birthdays together. It's a kind of friendship that is so deep and too familial that when Aiden decided to do his own stuff, Avery got broken-hearted and depressed thus, the birth of the Experiment begin.Grayson Kennedy, Aiden's older hot brother, helped Avery go through the different stages of grief by taking her out, making her meet new people and forget about his brother. At the first few pages, I can't help but feel that this is a bit corny. I think Avery is overreacting. But, as I read on, I began to love the story and the characters. I love how Grayson played fairy godmother and everything. I like that he is straightforward and caring. I am swooning so hard every time he tell the story. The ending is good. I think it's funny that there are 2 Prologues and 2 Epilogues. I love this.

Taking Back Forever

Taking Back Forever - Karen Amanda Hooper "The heart remembers." First of all, I would like to thank Karen, Starry Sky and Netgalley for my ARC copy. It was like one of my happiest days that week. For the review: I missed the gang. I miss the whole Luna family and the idea of soul mates having supernatural powers.I was more enthralled when I found out the story will be told in dual POVs. In Maryah's and Harmony's. I am not fond with Harmony's character. I think she's too dark and lonely. I guess losing your soul mate is the worst thing that could ever happen. But, in this second book, I understood her feelings better even if she have mishaps during the course of the adventure.I am a bit annoyed with Maryah.. She's still confused with everything. I feel that she's transgressing a bit and I love her better on Grasping.Now, Nathaniel Luna. I love him even more. He is still the epitome of all mankind and I am dying to know if he's hiding a terrible secret from the Kindrily. Thank God for some action. I am relieved that Dakota and Harmony survived it. And Gregory.. Hallelujah.I love the ending! I think it's cool that Karen put a sort of disclaimer on the ending. She will make you choose to stop or to read on.Well.. I read on. And I am dying of curiosity in here.Will wait for the third book.


Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Holy cow. I am trying to ready myself for the pitchforks and the knife throwing.I cannot finish the book. Not by a 100%. Let me explain myself.I am fascinated by the world of Luxens and Arums. I mean, hot, sexy, bad, naughty aliens? OH COME ON. You gotta love 'em.What I can't stand is Serena. She's this counselor on a high school and everything, I assume she's smart enough and can handle her emotions at its best, but NO. She's this weird ball of sexual tension and craving and it made her look pathetic. Totally pathetic for Hunter's attention. I can't believe she is greatly affected by his charms that fast. I like Hunter. I never thought Arums could be so sexy. I used to think they were this ugly shadow things pestering our world and my dear Luxens. The banter between the two race of aliens is quite entertaining too.Le Sigh. 3 stars.
Golden - Jessi Kirby Carpe Fuckin' Diem. This book is unbelievable. It made me think hard about my past and made my weigh the choices I made in my entire life. Golden is a wonderful story about a girl who's too uptight with life. Parker Frost is your typical goody two shoes, with valedictorian status, a waiting scholarship and a bunch of etiquette.I love Parker's character since she reminds me a lot of my high school self. I was brought up on a prim and proper household and education is very important. Whenever I think back, there's always regret. I feel sad because I wish I've tried this or that or I wish that I've gone on a better path. But, what this book wants readers to think is the value of each and every choice we make in our lives. "There's a spark of exhilaration that gives me hope that the choice I just made could turn out to be right, and this feels infinitely better than the weight of regret." I don't have anything negative to say about this because I think the author wrote it beautifully. She did not use complicated words nor use a lot of metaphors. She just say it as if she's sharing a romantic story to a friend. The words will touch your heart and makes you think twice.It's hard to say anything about the couple mentioned on this book, because it'll cost me to spill a lot of spoilers. But I think the ending is just perfect. It is not overly done. I just wish there's more Parker and Trevor scenes though. 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Sweet Peril

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins NEWS FLASH: My reaction while reading Sweet Peril. ANOTHER NEWS FLASH: My reaction AFTER reading Sweet Peril I loved the first book. I think the idea of Nephilims being descendants of not just your typical demons, but "DUKES" appealed a lot to me.The concept is like most PNR with angel-demon themes wherein one will come out of the light to save the rest of the gang and bring salvation to all and everything else. What made this so good is a protagonist who is a strange mix of both angel and the devil side fighting those two personalities and create a good balance between them. On [b:Sweet Evil|11808950|Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)|Wendy Higgins|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337613719s/11808950.jpg|16762455], I'm not sure if I like Anna Whitt. I'm pretty sure I am furious with her character. She's too naive, stubborn and the instalove with Kaidan Rowe, no matter how hot and steamy, just did not appeal much. However, on the second book, Anna matured a lot. I love the way she embraced her destiny and how she "pretended" to work as the daughter of the Duke of Substance Abuse. [a:Wendy Higgins|4279785|Wendy Higgins|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1308843362p2/4279785.jpg] improved a lot on her writing. I fell in love with both Kaidan and Kope's characters. They are very different yet with one goal to save Anna. It's a major swoon fest.The other Nephilims are present here as Anna and Kope traveled the different parts of the world to gain their trust and allegiance.There's no total kickass action but there are few close shaves which made this book a lot more fun. Oh how I love the the scene on the island where they almost got caught and a Neph was killed. .You've got to read this. 4.5 out of 5 stars.